Welcome to Fall Season at The Summit

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Celebrate Fall

with The Summit

Oh how we love Fall in Missouri....

As the summer winds down & the crisp weather moves in, The Summit begins to build the fall experience at the Kirkwood Farmers' Market.

While the market shed continues to accommodate our great produce and local foods, an added 150 + kinds of candy and treats, as well as a great selection of seasonal décor round out the under roof selections.

The Summit fills the rest of the market with all things Fresh Midwest Fall, like pumpkins, mums, pansies and more.

Treat yourself to a fun hour or a two... perusing the more than 30 kinds of pumpkins, hundreds of treats, as well as all the accruements to deck your halls for fall (not to mention your front porch).

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The Great Pumpkin Patch & Fall Fun Zone

Falling leaves, towering cornstalks, golden straw bales & a pumpkin buffet set the stage for The Great Pumpkin Patch & Fall Fun Zone Experience at The Summit All Seasons Market in Kirkwood Farmers Market.

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