Welcome to Summer Season at The Summit

Celebrate the best of Summer

with The Summit

The summer months at The Summit All Seasons Market are filled with ample selections of local produce & foods, as well as many other craft foods and our staple fresh bakery goods.

A visit to The Summit, in beautiful downtown Kirkwood, always includes the scents and sights of a Midwest summer farmers market! The sweet scent of ripe peaches, the fresh off the vine tomatoes, and sweet melons just arriving from local farms make summer at our market an exciting time of year. Taste the melons, the berries, cherries and more as you peruse our market. Feel the perfectly crisp fresh sweet corn often times just picked that morning. Find something wonderful in our little summer boutique, or a beautiful plant for your garden or home. A trip the our market always offers something new.

The Summit's fun and friendly staff will treat you like family!

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