The Summit at Kirkwoods' Market



The most sought after Christmas tree year after year! Amazing needle retention and indoor longevity.  The Summit All Seasons Market heavily stocks this variety in very large numbers,  with a shape and size for everyone. Heights range from 4 foot to 20 foot. 

Our most popular size is 7-8 foot which has a price range of 104.99-139.99

Choose your preferred size and Dan or Zach will call you to provide a personal "Tree Guy" shop experience at no extra charge! Or text Dan directly at 314-749-7693  for availability & pricing.

Come in to Shop our acre + big & beautiful selection. Pricing ranges from 38.99 to 1100.00

Or, order here and receive Curbside Service, Home Delivery, or Home Delivery w/ Set up,  or Home Delivery w/ both Set Up and Take Away Services !  

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